Breads Collage

Bread Collective

Bread is a staple food from around the world and comes in different shapes and forms.  A mixture of flour and water which can be either baked or pan fried depending on which part of the world or region it comes from.  Today I am bringing you all a Bread Collective which is an effort put together by few of my very talented fellow bloggers.

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White Sandwich Bread

Would you like to make your own fresh White Sandwich Bread at home?   Sounds exciting isn’t it?  I always used to think I have to learn how to make bread at home and till this date I was scared to try one.  I had this fear that I won’t be able to it.  I have been procrastinating for quite a while now.  Few days back, I just decided to do a collective post with my blogger friends and thought it will be a good idea to do it on bread, so this will give me the push I need.

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