What is Karvachauth?

What is Karvachauth?  This year Karwachauth is going to be observed on Oct 30th.  It is a festival which is celebrated mostly by North Indian women where the festival begins just before sunrise and until after the moonrise.  “Karva” means earthen pot and “Chauth” means fourth referencing that the festival falls on fourth day of the kartik month of the Hindu calendar.

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Laal Mirch ki Chutney

I know its been a while I have posted.  I have been busy with my brother’s wedding so didn’t get a chance to make anything. Everything went well which is what we all want.  Had loads of food and sweets.  Trying to get back on track after all the cleaning and organizing.  Today I am bringing a simple, easy and delicious condiment which my mom always keeps handy, Laal Mirch ki Chutney.

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