Mango Fruit Custard

The first time I ate this dessert was at my mom’s house for the pooja. Since then this is one of my favorite dessert which is light and not too sweet.  Last Friday I had guests over and I was like I want to make something which is quick, easy and can be made ahead of time, so I decided to give this a shot.  This Mango Fruit Custard is not made with custard powder which is what I like about it the most as I am not a big custard fan.

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Masala Beans with Fenugreek

Aren’t you all sick of same style of green beans and potatoes?   Would you all want to try same old Green beans in a new style and taste?  I had come across this recipe in one of the cook books a long time back, when I say long time, it is definitely good over 9 years which is before I got married.  It became my favorite the first time I tried it.  Its been while I made this so kind of vaguely recalled the recipe, but still gave it a try..It was absolutely delicious…

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Eggless Almond Cookies

I am not sure if I have told you all that my Mom is a Pastry Chef for the Orange County Convention Center here in FL.  She bakes all sorts of cakes, pastries, cookies, you name it.  This is my Mom’s recipe who doesn’t measure anything. If you ask her for a recipe, she will be like, one handful this, one handful that.  So I was like, I said yes to this Cake & Cookie Baking Competition on FB, can you please give me some measurements and she was like I will try.   I chose to bake these Almond Cookies which are one of my favorite cookies that she bakes and are very easy overall.

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